Marine Life Management Act Master Plan Amendment Process

Community Engagement, Integrated Communications, Project Management

Strategic Earth is supporting the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and its partners to amend the Master Plan of the state’s cornerstone fisheries management policy, the Marine Life Management Act (MLMA). As Project Manager, Strategic Earth will assist with all internal team coordination, and oversee 13 information gathering projects to ensure key milestones are achieved. Project products and outcomes will inform the development of an amended Master Plan framework. Informed by the knowledge and expertise of local community leadership, our team will also develop a draft community engagement strategy gain a better understanding of stakeholder goals and priorities related to the MLMA Master Plan amendment process, including best practices for active and constructive community input and engagement.


Client: California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Resources Legacy Fund
Key Results: Draft MLMA Master Plan framework document to inform amendment of MLMA Master Plan to enhance the sustainability of the state’s ocean fisheries by increasing efficacy, flexibility, and transparency of management strategies
Materials and Outputs: Meeting agendas and summaries, draft MLMA Master Plan framework document, communications materials, key communicators contact list, interview discussion support tool, draft community engagement strategy

  • Services

  • Strategic planning, process design & implementation
  • Policy development and navigation
  • Informational interviews
  • Relationship building
  • Materials development and distribution
  • Iterative program design