Community Engagement to Inform MPA Monitoring

Community Engagement, Integrated Communications, Project Management

Strategic Earth provides Ocean Science Trust with community engagement, communications, and facilitation services to ensure local perspectives and priorities inform marine protected area (MPA) monitoring planning. We develop targeted engagement and communications strategies to advance meaningful dialogue between local communities, tribal governments, resources managers, scientists and citizen scientists, and policymakers to help inform MPA management decisions. 



Client: California Ocean Science Trust
Key Results: Inclusion of diverse perspectives and sources of knowledge in planning for MPA monitoring throughout California, increased participation by local communities in monitoring activities, established foundation for enduring relationship between Ocean Science Trust and target audiences.
Materials and Outputs: Key themes summaries, communications materials, community gatherings, North Coast process to inform baseline monitoring

  • Services

  • Strategic planning, process design & implementation
  • Relationship building
  • On-the-ground outreach
  • Group facilitation
  • Communications planning & materials development
  • Stakeholder assessment & analysis