Springing Forward

Springing Forward

The Monday after our clocks spring forward is rarely the easiest of days. Gone is the dream of an early morning yoga class, it’s tougher to get out the door on time, and I seem to be perpetually hungry (but maybe that’s just me!). Amidst this moment of discomfort – coupled with perhaps a touch of the grumpies – we might become more aware of the demands placed on on us by colleagues, bosses, constituents, and partner organizations. What better time to focus on strengthening our positive communication skills!

This Wednesday, March 16 from 12-1pm PST, Strategic Earth will co-host and interactive webinar with Purchin Consulting, Springing Forward from Positions to Interests. Over the lunchtime hour, we will share examples of positions (or demands) and discuss how to identify them, *pause*, and #springforward into uncovering underlying interests (or needs). We will introduce a specific tool known as Question Strategies to reveal wants, desires, and goals that may be living just below the surface. Rather than staying stuck in positions, taking time to focus on interests offers an opportunity to discover areas of mutual agreement and arrive at a deeper understanding of how to move forward with relationships intact.

Join us! Visit bit.ly/springingforward for more information about Wednesday’s webinar.

You can also check out a previous webinar we hosted with Purchin Consulting last November on the Role of Apology here.


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