• Valuing the investment of relationship building.

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  • Reaching beyond traditional forms of communication.

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  • Supporting diverse voices in natural resource decision making and management.

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Strategic Earth Consulting specializes in developing effective ways to link science and policy with community outreach and engagement.


We help our clients understand, navigate, and succeed in implementing effective science-based, policy driven participatory processes. Our approach is multidisciplinary, highly collaborative, and focuses on the value of open lines of communication.

Community Engagement


We love people.

By truly understanding the needs and priorities of communities, organizations, and individuals, we help make connections across diverse audiences who share a common goal to ensure management decisions are  neutral, transparent, and well-informed.



Integrated Communications


We are good listeners.

Informed by the needs of each target audience, our team creates and conducts communications and engagement strategies that speak to the common goals and priorities of our clients and those audiences they are invested in connecting with.



Project Management


We get stuff done.

Each project requires a thoughtful, efficient, and strategic plan that maximizes available resources and abilities, and achieves identifiable and quantifiable goals. Let our team help your team to operate at its very best.



Since 2008, Strategic Earth has had the pleasure of working in
partnership with agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community
partners throughout California and nationally.