Reaching beyond traditional forms of communication.

Integrated Communications

Informed by the needs of each target audience, our team creates and conducts communications and engagement strategies that speak to the common goals and priorities of our clients and those audiences they are invested in connecting with. By encouraging divergent viewpoints to be shared in a constructive fashion, we are able to build upon creative thinking and ease barriers to communication. This can help inform complex decision-making processes, making them more inclusive and resulting in a stronger return on investment.

Our expertise in communications is strengthened by our scientific and policy training, which allows us to translate a technical dialogue into one that is accessible to diverse, less-technical audiences. We employ messaging and communications tactics that resonate with target audiences and reach policy makers. We help foresee and adapt to relational challenges so, together, we can set a new course from which to build enduring partnerships and collaborations.

Our team specializes in:

  • Communications planning, design & implementation
  • Message and materials development & distribution
  • Stakeholder assessment & analysis
  • Technical research and report & development