The heart of who we are.

Community engagement

Many of our projects strive to connect communities, organizations, and individuals with environmental policy and decision-making. Our success is based on a deep understanding of and value placed on transparent, neutral, and inclusive dialogue.

Our core expertise is in collaborating with and reaching diverse audiences, especially those that are typically underrepresented and lack involvement, organization, and/or authority in natural resource management. Through years of dedication and on-the-ground involvement, we have developed deep-rooted connections with commercial, sport, and recreational fishing industries, California tribes and native communities, and other groups and individuals with strong ties to natural resource access and uses. These unique and important relationships allow our team to anticipate and adapt to relational challenges so, together, we can set a new course from which to build enduring partnerships and collaborations and, ultimately, achieve project goals.

Our team specializes in:

  • Relationship building
  • On-the-ground outreach
  • Strategic planning, process design & implementation
  • Facilitation and mediation
  • Materials development & distribution