Looking Ahead: South Coast State of the Region

For several months, the Strategic Earth team has been working with California Ocean Science Trust (OST) to facilitate the development of the State of California South Coast Report.

This State of the Region report details everything you need to know about the diverse ecosystems off the southern coast of California! The report, to be released in just a few short months, includes information about the physical oceanographic conditions of the South Coast during a 5-year baseline monitoring period that ran from 2012-2017.

Documenting the baseline status of marine ecosystems is important because it gives researchers a status bar by which they can measure changes in the future.

Throughout this process, we’ve also helped to develop a series of Snapshot Reports — individual reports about certain ecosystems and species that play a big role in the South Coast region. So far, they’ve released five Snapshots, which you can find here, ranging from sandy beaches to subtidal ROVs.

All of these activities are all building toward the release of the State of the Region, and we’re getting really excited to share it with you. Keep an eye out for new updates soon, including details about an upcoming spring tour!


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