Limitless Possibilities

Limitless Possibilities

The start of a New Year marks an important time to consider where our team will place our attention and focus for the next twelve months. We steer clear from “resolutions”, which tend to wind up as pie crust promises – easily made, easily broken (thank you, Mary Poppins). While our intentions shift and evolve […]

Webinar: The Role of Apology

The Role of Apology

Strategic Earth is thrilled to partner with Purchin Consulting and offer our clients and colleagues an opportunity to develop skills in positive communication and navigating difficult conversations. In November 2015, we launched the first lunchtime, brown bag webinar, “The Role of Apology Within Conflict Resolution”. Over the course of a hour, we explored common obstacles […]

Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin

“Fishing teaches patience at the end of a rod and reel.” -Unknown On a sunny June day, Anthony and I were both hanging off the bow of the Betty-O – he was trying to catch his first fish, and I was offering words of encouragement so he would in fact catch his first fish. As […]